Supporting Innovation and Education is the key to saving lives.

At the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation, our goal continues to be promoting and supporting Innovation and Education in your Hospital. This year’s fundraising goals focus on those values and require the support of our entire community.


Clinical Simulation Centre

The Clinical Simulation Centre planned for the Sturgeon Community Hospital will provide physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and all other health care professionals with the ability to interact with computerized medial mannequins, anatomical models and digital learning platforms.

Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and safety through the creation of a hands-on learning centre with life-like simulation technology.  In the new centre, clinical staff will learn new skills from participating in highly realistic simulation scenarios.  Simulation Labs have been credited with facilitating a multidisciplinary approach to teamwork in patient care.

“Rapid advancements in medicine make having a Clinical Simulation Centre a priority for the Sturgeon Hospital. This Centre will allow support our clinical teams to advance their skills in providing the highest level of patient care. I’m excited for the learning opportunities this Sim Centre will bring to our physicians and staff, and appreciative of the support of our community in making this a reality at our teaching hospital.”


Emergency Department Cardiac Monitors

With over 50,000 patient emergency visits, the 30 emergency room beds at the Sturgeon Community are incredibly busy and critical to our health system.  Whatever the cause, be it highway collision, heart attack, or sport injury, we are here when you need us.

Your Emergency Department provides the very best of care, and wants to do more.

The Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is proud to support an initiative to have

cardiac monitors for every bed, linked to a central observation station, which will ensure that patients receive the care they need, when they need it.

This technology will enhance patient outcomes through improving the efficiency of our Emergency Department - ensuring we see more patients each day with the least amount of intra-hospital patient moves.

We hope to raise $1,300,000 at an estimated cost of $497,000 for this campaign.


YOUR SUPPORT for Innovation in both the Emergency Department and for the Clinical Simulation Lab is critical to our patients and to continued advancements in Innovation and Education at the Sturgeon Community Hospital. Please consider making a gift today.

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