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Fundraising Priorities 2021-22

Now more than ever the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is being called upon by our Hospital for help. While we as a community have been ‘keeping our distance’ ‘doing our part’ and ‘rolling up our sleeves to keep each other safe’, our Hospital has seen an overwhelming increase in demand, increased usage and even more pressure than ever to care for people in our community. While for many of us, it feels as if our world has stalled, the Hospital’s needs have continued to grow – and at a rapid and unprecedented rate.

The healthcare system in Alberta is under tremendous strain and your hospital is no exception. This year, the Foundation’s fundraising efforts will be focused on the continued fight with the pandemic by supporting vital life-saving equipment for the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency services at the Hospital. 

Your support will make a difference! 

Over the last eighteen months, due to high numbers of COVID patients, the Intensive Care Unit has been put under extreme pressure. This pressure affects access to critical care for everyone in our community – not just COVID patients. The ICU has taken over a large portion of the bed base at the Hospital as there continues to be so many patients in crisis. These patients are the sickest of the sick and require the latest technology to support their complex and life-saving care. 

Ensuring your Hospital’s capacity. Critical funding is needed to purchase ICU monitors and modules, transport monitors, crash carts, ECG machines and rapid infusers for critically ill patients. 

The ability to make a diagnosis sooner, to continuously monitor patients, to transfer them to testing and diagnostics are all key to saving lives and keeping complex care close to home. 

The fight on the front line of this pandemic is far from over. The good news is, we are in this fight together. We must work together to keep each other safe. Your community hospital is a crucial part of that solution. In these trying times, your community hospital needs you, as much as you need your community hospital. 

Please consider making a contribution today. 

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