The ability to make a diagnosis sooner, to continuously monitor patients, to transport them for testing and diagnostics are all key to saving lives and keeping complex care close to home.

While for many of us, it feels as if our world has stalled in the past eight months, your Hospital and dedicated health care professionals’ needs have continued to grow – and at a rapid rate.

The Sturgeon Community Hospital saw more than 111,000 patients this year.  The numbers continue to grow annually.  The busier it gets, the more important it is to ensure that the hospital has the resources, technology and equipment to keep up with demands of an ever-growing patient base. It is this increase that drives our current fundraising priorities.

As technology advances, so must we. This year, the Foundation’s fundraising efforts will be focused on vital life saving equipment for the Intensive Care Unit, critical surgical equipment and essential funding for the Emergency and Medicine Units at the Hospital.

Please help us prepare for this year’s needs by supporting the following:

Women’s Health Surgical Program - Navigator Probe. Allows surgeons to locate and respond to breast cancer much earlier and more swiftly than traditional methods. Early detection of cancer can make all the difference to a successful treatment and outcome.

Surgery - Ultrasound and Anesthetic Gas Machines. Over 6,200 gynecological, orthopedic and general surgeries are performed each year here at your Hospital. The latest technology is key to supporting the most advanced procedures.

Emergency and Intensive Care Units - Transport Monitors. Allows for immediate patient transport to and from areas without disrupting treatment. Keeping you close to home which is essential when time is of the essence.

Ensuring your Hospital’s Capacity - Bladder Scanners and Blanket Warmers. The largest patient bed program runs close to 100% at this site. Supporting the newest equipment such as blood pressure monitors, bladder scanners and blanket warmers are essential for the best patient care.

Your support will make a difference!

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Investing today for a healthy tomorrow