The Sturgeon is the FIRST Hospital in all of Alberta to have the Sonosite PX technology for use by the General Surgery team - and it is all thanks to donor support!

Thanks to the generosity of one exceptional family, the Foundation was able to purchase the SonoSite PX for the General Surgery department at the Sturgeon. The SonoSite PX positively changes the way breast cancer is diagnosed. This state-of-the-art ultrasound uses new technology to allow Surgeons to visualize the breast anatomy and any pathology more clearly at the bedside. This ultrasound guidance for biopsy or procedures makes them much safer and less invasive.

With this new equipment, surgeons can visualize blood vessels and nerves clearly and can avoid any accidental surgical complications. With ultrasound guidance patients at the Sturgeon experience less discomfort during diagnosis.

"The purchase of this dedicated ultrasound machine for surgeons in the OR greatly benefits a large number of the surgeons and patients at the Sturgeon. Thank you for your generous gift to the Sturgeon OR." - Dr Andruchow, Lead for General Surgery

Your support influences the patient experience at the Sturgeon Community Hospital in so many ways. Thank you for continuing to support top quality care for your community. 

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