Sharing Our Hearts with the Hospital Heroes!

Our community has once again reached out to show their support and appreciation for our Hospital Heroes – all the staff and physicians at the Sturgeon Community Hospital who are working tirelessly on the front lines of the pandemic to keep our community safe.

This Valentine’s Day, our community of donors and Chartwell St Albert showed their hearts to our Hospital Heroes by giving each and every one of them free coffee and cookies☺

“Chartwell St. Albert wanted to get involved with the Hospital Heroes gratitude project to show our support and appreciation for everything that the Sturgeon Community Hospital’s staff do. They have demonstrated their tireless efforts throughout the pandemic, and this is just one small thing we can do to help lift their spirits. We would like to thank the SCHF for giving us the opportunity to take part.”

After two years of living with the reality of COVID-19, we are all tired, most especially the people on the front lines who go to work each and every day at our Hospital. In October, our community came together to give thanks to our Hospital Heroes by donating towards a staff lunch – allowing three food trucks to park on the hospital grounds and give staff a well deserved & delicious thank you. And it was received with thanks and open hearts:

“The entire hospital is talking about this event. Staff can’t believe the generosity!”

“Awesome initiative to boost morale!”

“The staff on L&D and Postpartum are so grateful for the appreciation lunch. The time and expense are immeasurable when compared to the warm recognition they feel for the recognition today.”

“A big “Thank you” to the community from all of us here in the Staffing Office for staff appreciation today. It was greatly appreciated, and the food as well was great!”

There are many ways you can show your appreciation. Contact us to find out more!

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  1. Karen Billig

    Just had surgery on my wrist in the day surgery ward at the Sturgeon. My nurse Jill was amazing…very attentive and compassionate. She reduced my anxiety and answered all my questions. Excellent nurse!

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