A Heartfelt Thank You for a life saved at the Sturgeon

As a Respiratory Therapist, Mona expects to face critical situations, especially during a global pandemic. What she and her family did not expect was that it would be her father who would be fighting for his life on a ventilator in the Sturgeon ICU after he contracted Covid.

Mona’s father was intubated and ventilated for approximately eight days and received a variety of strategic treatments before he was over the worst. Mona says that while the experience was a nightmare for her and her entire family – it was made easier by the fact that from the beginning of the experience to the end, everyone they dealt with was extremely compassionate and caring.

“From the first call to 911, the paramedics were extremely helpful and compassionate until his admission in ER, and finally to the ICU,” says Mona. “The treatment plan from the get go was excellent, both by Dr. Suen and Dr. Gibson, the great nurses and my wonderful RT coworkers.

“Being a first responder, respiratory therapist, during the pandemic, really changed me as a person and a health care professional. For the first time, I felt helpless, I wasn’t able to participate in the care of my dad… but collaboration, hard work, and professionalism all played key factors in the speedy recovery of my father.”

In 2020 the supporters of the Sturgeon Hospital Foundation enabled the purchase of numerous pieces of equipment, including ventilators that were integral in treating the surge of Covid patients in the ICU and saving Mona’s father’s life.

“I am extremely proud to be a part of the Sturgeon family. Having a great organization such as the SCHF plays a key factor in providing equipment that helps save lives.

We are forever grateful to the Foundation and to all the individuals who participated in my dad’s care. Our gratitude and respect goes out to every single person.”

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in the past and continues to do so! #DonorDriven

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