Thanks from Mothers

Every year approximately 3,000 new lives begin at the Sturgeon Community Hospital. Today - we celebrate everyone who has become a mother at the Sturgeon!

"Having had both of my children at the sturgeon hospital and being the support partner for a new mom, I have experienced the exceptional level of care provided at our hospital from multiple perspectives. It is phenomenal and offers a feeling of safety and security during very important milestones." - Sue

"Driving by our hospital, I'm proud to tell all four of our children that this is the building where our lives changed forever. In the moments before, during and after their arrival, the care we both received was exceptional." - Corinna

"I was so fortunate to give birth to both of my sons at the Sturgeon Hospital." - Lindsay

"As a first time Mom I did not know what to expect during the labour and delivery process. The Sturgeon Hospital team was amazing every step of the way and helped us welcome our little boy March 1 2019." - Amanda

"The Sturgeon Hospital was amazing and got our little girl here quickly and safely in an emergency. I’m forever grateful for the phenomenal team that made me a Mom to this little girl." - Shayla

"On June 20, 2019, after a long labour and delivery process, our beautiful baby girl was born. The staff and our doctor at Sturgeon Hospital made it all possible and we are forever grateful for their kindness and professionalism." - Melissa

"I feel truly thankful to have had my colleague and friend deliver both of our beautiful, healthy children at the Sturgeon." - Nicole 

"Becoming a mother is a gift. Becoming a mother in a hospital where you know you are being expertly cared for is a privilege that I am so fortunate to have experienced." - Rebecca


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