Since its inception in 1992, the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation’s (SCHF) mandate of “investing today for a healthier tomorrow” has never wavered. Today, Dan Holman, SCHF board chair, discusses what goes into this mission.

Holman joined the SCHF board in 2010 and spent three years as vice chair. Earlier this year he was elected as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. He has a personal connection to healthcare and to the Sturgeon Community Hospital (SCH).

“I’ve been connected to healthcare for most of my professional life,” says Holman, “from Physician recruitment to being on a medical care team. When I moved to St. Albert in 2007, I became connected with the then-chair of the board, who invited me to join. The decision was very, very easy for me. Two of my grandchildren were born at the SCH, my children use it, and someday I will need it as well.”

The SCHF is a fundraising foundation. “We go out to the community and through campaigns and events raise funds for the purchase of equipment and to enhance health care at SCH,” Holman informs.

The work and fundraising efforts of the SCHF played a big role in SCH being named as one of the top 10 acute care hospitals in 2013.

“The fundraising bolsters improvements and enhancements in the SCH,” says Holman. “The Foundation has funded every unit in the hospital, specifically furnishing and equipping the new medicine unit. Recently we funded upper extremity research development and care. Now SCH is a leading upper extremity site in Western Canada. It’s through our relationships in the community that we can continue to give back through enhanced medical care.”

One of the fundraising programs from SCHF is GEM (giving every month). Holman explains, “GEM is a program we established as an opportunity to give every month. The monthly giving program is a group of loyal and committed friends of our foundation. The funds are used to enhance medical care, leading edge medical equipment, education and innovation. GEM funds deliver on our special programs as well as our annual campaign. We have donors in the program that donate anywhere from $5-$1,500 monthly. It gives the community an opportunity to give when able or capable.”

He speaks to the necessity of the foundation.

“What I say to the community or perspective donors is that we exist today to make sure we have a healthier tomorrow. It is the foundation’s responsibility, objective, and mission to create a healthier tomorrow. PeSturgeon Community Hospital Foundationople ask, ‘doesn’t the government pay for that?’ No. The government operates hospitals but doesn’t always pay for enhancements or the programs inside them.”

While the SCHF has focused on different initiatives over the years, today it is looking at improving every stage of each patient’s life by enhancing many different areas of the hospital.

“Our community recognizes that we are fundraising for investment today for a healthier tomorrow,” Holman concludes. “As circumstances and governments change, the one aspect that remains constant is the SCHF. The Foundation remains consistent, committed, and focused on improving healthcare.