Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation Receives Donation for Palliative Care Room

Cheque donation to SHCF at the hospital in St. Albert September 10, 2018.

Your community is worth investing in. Whether you’re helping your neighbour take groceries to their house, or you’re volunteering at a festival, or even donating to a charity—all these investments add up to make your community better.

When you invest in your community, it also promotes others to do the same thing. Investments pile up like a snowball rolling down a hill, and they make the community a better place. It’s all part of the ecosystem that makes a community grow.

That’s why Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is proud to announce the receipt of an extraordinary donation toward palliative care. The $20,000 donation is the first step to providing Sturgeon County with a dedicated palliative care room—a first for the hospital.

The $20,000 donation was provided by The Order of St. Lazarus to provide a space for families. The Order of St. Lazarus’ goal is to create Family Rooms to offer a comfortable and furnished space for friends and family while allowing for quiet, peaceful, and quality time with a patient who is palliative.

“Investing today for a healthy tomorrow really summarizes the objective of our foundation,” Katrina Black, President and CEO of Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation, says. “This donation is one example of our community coming out to support one another.”

As the first of its kind at the Sturgeon Community Hospital, the palliative care family room will give patients the opportunity to seek care a bit closer to home. Palliative care is provided to care for people with life-limiting illnesses, and now patients in Sturgeon County don’t have to leave their community to receive care.

“Offering care close to home is an important for providing to the community,” Black says. “Our community’s residents give so much to Sturgeon County. We want them to receive care in their own community.”

Click here to donate to Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation today to continue to support incredible health care in your community. Your donation contributes to our theme of investing today for a healthy tomorrow.

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