Recycle your vehicle to support a healthy community

Give your old vehicle a new purpose by donating your car to the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation through Donate a Car Canada. Through our partnership with Donate a Car Canada, your old car has a lasting impact on the community.

New vehicles are hitting the streets every day, and their older counterparts are sitting around waiting for a new purpose. While the gift might seem small to some, Donate a Car Canada has processed millions of dollars of donations since 2003.

“Your car donation holds monetary and sentimental value,” Donate a Car Canada says on their website. “With integrity and attention to on-time detail, the gift of your charity car will be carefully handled for you so that you can easily gift the charity that matters most to you.”

And for many in Sturgeon County, that charity is one that stands for making the community healthier for tomorrow. Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is proud to work with Donate a Car Canada to ensure the memories you made with your old vehicle can help others make healthy memories in the future.

“Choosing Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation to receive the donation provided by your car is an important step to promote a healthy community,” Katrina Black says. “Everybody supports their hospital in a different way and Donate a Car Canada is helping us give our donors more options.”

Every donation made to the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation through Donate a Car Canada comes with a tax receipt. Donate a Car Canada is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service, which means they will schedule towing to take care of the work to donating the car.

Because of Donate a Car Canada’s wide reach, many Canadians have been able to support their community through car donations.

“It was really hard to part with my Acura Legend,” one donor named Donna told Donate a Car Canada. “After 21 years of faithful service, it needed more mechanical work than I could afford, so I decided to donate it to charity.”

With a couple of easy steps, Donna was able to choose a charity such as Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation, answer a few questions, and arrange a pickup of the vehicle. Within 24 hours a towing agent had arranged pickup of the vehicle and the car was off to the auction by the weekend.

Donating your car is only one way you can support your community. Whether you’re in St. Albert or elsewhere in Sturgeon County, we will work with you to ensure you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a towing agent to donate your car today.

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