Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment furthers innovation and excellence at the Sturgeon Community Hospital!

The Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation – and the community – have a fresh reason to celebrate thanks to new cutting-edge diagnostic equipment that was purchased to further the innovation and diagnostic excellence at the Sturgeon Community Hospital.

In 2021, funds raised by the Foundation – through events and direct donations – are assisting the hospital in leading the way in innovation to better meet the growing needs for health services in the community and improving patient outcomes. Innovation such as the brand new SonoSite PX ultrasound machine, the first of its kind in Alberta, purchased by the Foundation this spring thanks to the generous support of one family in our community.

The SonoSite PX positively changes the way breast cancer is diagnosed. This state-of-the-art ultrasound uses new technology to allow Surgeons to visualize the breast anatomy and any pathology more clearly at the bedside. This ultrasound guidance for biopsy or procedures makes them much safer and less invasive. With this new equipment, surgeons can visualize blood vessels and nerves clearly and can avoid any accidental surgical complications.

‘This equipment puts another tool in the tool box of clinical evaluation,’ said Lead for General Surgery, Dr Jennifer Andruchow. ‘It’s like having x-ray vision. It allows us to assess lesions in three dimensions. The purchase of this dedicated ultrasound machine for surgeons in the OR greatly benefits a large number of the surgeons and patients at the Sturgeon.’

Cited by Dr Andruchow as ‘an incredible training tool,’ The SonoSite PX allows physicians at the Sturgeon to assess lesions more swiftly and accurately. ‘It is invaluable to be able to look myself and use my own eyes and opinions in real time to assess breast tissue. The more I look in the OR, the better I become at learning what looks suspicious or not.’

This leading-edge equipment also greatly benefits patients. ‘The SonoSite PX enables surgeons to pinpoint that lesion more accurately in “real time” and therefore remove less tissue, which in turn leads to less potential dimpling and distortion of the breast.’

The improved accuracy of the diagnosis gives patients more options in the future. It can also, in some cases simplify their operation – a definite positive for the patient. The equipment is also critical in helping to guide management in thyroid patients. It allows surgeons like Dr Sean Norris, a leader in the field, to prepare patients for complex hernia surgery. This in turn helps with pain control post operatively.

‘This is innovation. It allows us to keep up with our peers who are doing great work in this field,’ said Dr Andruchow.

“We are focussed on getting the community involved in a new way to support the amazing work being done at the Sturgeon Hospital,” said Foundation President and CEO Katrina Black. To this end the Foundation has officially launched its first 50/50, with proceeds going to support the areas of greatest need at the Sturgeon Community Hospital. ‘By participating in the raffle, you will have a direct impact on patients, residents and healthcare workers in your community,’ said Black.

Supporting the Foundation through the 50/50 online cash raffle is truly a Win-Win! With a cash prize of up to $25,000, this new initiative will in turn keep the Sturgeon Community Hospital at the head of the pack in terms of innovation. Tickets for the Sturgeon Hospital Foundation 50/50 online cash raffle are $10 each, 5-for-$25, 20-for-$50 and 100-for-$100 and are on sale at

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