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Surgeries, emergencies, programs – these have not stopped, and neither has the need to purchase the technology required to provide the best level of care.

As technology advances, so must we. This year, the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation’s (SCHF) fundraising efforts will be focused on vital life-saving equipment for the Intensive Care Unit, critical surgical equipment, and essential funding for the Emergency and Medicine units at the Hospital.

What if you could know sooner? When it comes to a diagnosis of a life-altering disease like cancer, it knowing early can make all the difference. The Hospital Foundation is assisting in the replacement of the latest technology that allows patients to receive information and a diagnosis more quickly and less invasively.

One such piece of equipment is for the Women’s Health Surgical Program. The Navigator Probe allows physicians at the Sturgeon to locate and respond to breast cancer much earlier and more swiftly than traditional methods. Early detection of cancer can make all the difference to a successful treatment and outcome. The Sturgeon is one of only three hospitals in the Edmonton region that is performing this procedure.

This year the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is also focusing on raising funds for the following departments and equipment:

  • Surgery – ultrasound and anesthetic gas machines: to assist with the 6,200+ gynecological, orthopedic, and general surgeries performed at the hospital annually.
  • Emergency and Intensive Care Units – transport monitors: for immediate patient transport to and from areas without disrupting treatment when time is of the essence.
  • Ensuring your hospital’s capacity – bladder scanners and blanket warmers: supporting the newest equipment that is essential for the best patient care.

The ability to make a diagnosis sooner, to continuously monitor patients, to transport them for testing and diagnostics are all key to saving lives and keeping complex care close to home. Your support will make a difference!

Hospital 1

The Sturgeon Community Hospital.

“The Sturgeon Community Hospital saw more than 111,000 patients this year,” says Katrina Black, President & CEO, SCHF. “The busier it gets, the more important it is to ensure that the hospital has the resources, technology, and equipment to keep up with demands of an ever-growing patient base.”

Dr. Scott MacLean, an emergency physician, also discusses the impact of community support, “In terms of the emergency department, what we have should be updated often. Community support helps us keep on top of changes in technology.” He continues, “When we do get support from the community, it goes a very long way in making a difference. Knowing that the community is behind us is a huge boost, especially now with COVID-19.”

Black adds, “While for many of us, it feels as if our world has stalled in the past nine months, your hospital has seen more demand than ever before, and dedicated health care professionals’ needs have continued to grow – and at a rapid rate.”

Black Box large

The Stars Box

In the past the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation held galas and in-person events to raise money for much-needed equipment. This year the SCHF is introducing a new way the community can safely provide support. Since the safest way to come together is in the safety of our own homes, they are Bringing the Stars to You by introducing an innovative new experience: The Stars Box ($150 – includes a $50 tax receipt). Perfect for a date night for two, The Stars Box will be delivered to your door on the last weekend in January. It is filled with mouth-watering treats from local vendors including: Roasti Coffee, Jacek Chocolates, Endeavour Brewing, Whisk Desserts, and more, so you and your family can enjoy a special night in, while supporting your hospital – one box at a time.

We are all in this together. We must work together to keep each other safe. Your community hospital is a crucial part of that solution. In these trying times, your community hospital needs you, as much as you need your community hospital.

Although 2020 has been difficult, your donation can make all the difference to both staff and patients at Sturgeon Community Hospital.

Black concludes, “This year will leave its mark on us all. What mark will you choose to make?”

Visit ways to give to see how your donation benefit our community.

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