It is not often we celebrate the building of a wall… but when the old Sturgeon General Hospital was demolished in the Spring of 1997, 1000 bricks were saved to be incorporated into the front entrance renovation at the hospital.

Each brick provides a building block for the ‘new’ wall that greets patients and visitors entering through the hospital’s main entrance.

This past week we have a reason to celebrate! 1000 supporters came forward to sponsor a brick and have their names permanently linked to the great tradition of healthcare that the Sturgeon Hospital (both new and old) has come to represent in our community.

“The Sturgeon Hospital has seen our family through some difficult times, and we wanted a way to give back to the hospital that was both visible and permanent. We love that these bricks are a part of history and now they are building the future.” Friend of the Sturgeon

Everyone from the tiniest newborn babies to the oldest residents of our community rely on us in their time of need. Each and every brick in this wall has gone towards funding new technology, equipment and valuable innovative programs, the Foundation works to ensure that those who use our Hospital continue to receive the very best in medical care!

We are thrilled that this campaign is now complete thanks to the generosity of our community.

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