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Today’s world of health care is rapidly changing. Technology, equipment and evolving best practices are pushing our health care professionals to the brink day after day – so the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation is embarking on an exciting new initiative in support of innovation and education for our hospital through the creation of a state-of- art Clinical Simulation Teaching Centre. 

Our campaign aims to raise $1 Million over the next year to create a dedicated Clinical Simulation Centre at our hospital. This Centre will support inter-disciplinary learning and provide our physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and all other health care professionals at the Sturgeon the opportunity to practice and hone new skills.  Life-like simulation technology will provide a hands-on environment that will improve patient outcomes and safety, recruit and retain top medical professionals and provide patients with highest level of medical care available in this country. 

With a long history in sectors like aviation, sports and the military, simulation learning can be customized to ensure realistic learning environments that support the learning of the newest members of a profession or challenging the most senior practitioner. 

In the new centre, clinical staff will learn new skills from participating in highly realistic simulation scenarios. Rare medical complications and unlikely but potentially catastrophic high-risk events can be practiced in a controlled environment. New techniques can be learned on computerized medical manikins and anatomical models instead of on patients. Clinical team situational training for critical events such as a fire or power outage can be prepared for in a managed and realistic setting.

The Clinical Simulation Centre will provide medical professionals with an opportunity to interact with state-of-the-art digital learning platforms, allowing them to receive real-time feedback so as to improve technical skills and the collective competencies of teamwork and communication.

“Simulation allows individuals and teams to practice and prepare for situations in a safe learning environment.  There aren’t many opportunities for team learning in the healthcare environment, where an interprofessional group can work through a scenario, discuss what happened afterwards, and make improvements.  These improvements lead to more competent and confident individuals and teams which has an impact on patient safety.  As well, a simulation centre is a direct investment towards the staff at the SCH which leads not only to improvement in care but also to job satisfaction and retention.” Ken Brisbin, Simulation Lead (eSIM Provincial Simulation Program).

We are very proud of our hospital in St. Albert.  With a tradition of providing outstanding medical care, teaching, and research, the Sturgeon Community Hospital is very much ‘Best in Class’. 

We are committed to the continuation of this legacy with our new Innovation + Education Campaign.  Past community support has demonstrated a passion for patient-centered healthcare in this community, and we hope the new Clinical Simulation Centre will also merit your interest in support as well.  Please visit our website to find out more. 

To kick everything off we need your help to find a name for our first medical manikin! Dolly? Sim-on? Submit your name and then have a chance to vote for the winner!

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