More beds would mean more patients treated in your ICU!

Your ICU has more and more demands placed on it each day. The SCHF has been tasked with raising the funds to purchase three IntelliVue Monitors that will allow ICU to increase in size from five beds to eight.

Three extra ICU beds mean that more critically ill patients can receive excellent patient care close to home. If you assist your hospital today the impact will be enormous. Having comprehensive patient information at a glance can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities require attention. This equipment will allow more patients to be treated at the Sturgeon:

Increasing the number of Critical Care Beds at the Sturgeon Community Hospital will allow us to provide a great number of critically ill patients with the safe, excellent quality of care we are known for. The generosity of sponsors and donors will facilitate the purchase of three IntelliVue monitors that will allow us to closely monitor critically ill patients in three additional beds on our Combined Critical Care Unit. That is the lives of three more of our community members that we can support for their friends, family and loved ones each and every day.” – Nurse Managers ICU/CCU

Thank you for every dollar you give. It makes the difference.

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